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Argonault StepRover Power Wheelchair Concept


Argonault is an emerging corporation committed to devise high technology automated assistive devices. The Argonault Power wheelchair concept designed by Vladimir Ivanchenko is one of the solutions to the complex mobility problems by Argonault Corporation.Argonault is an emerging corporation committed to devise high technology automated assistive devices.


The Argonault power wheelchair is based upon the same innovative platform used for development of the Argonault high-performance scooter and automated stretcher. A full-scale operational prototype has been developed and is available to showcase this powerful machine’s multi-functionality.


The power wheelchair’s unique range of functions greatly increases the user’s independence.The wheelchair is able to climb and descend a range of surface levels from ground level up into un-modified minivans.The user can independently board and disembark from minivans.The wheelchair seat can be lowered, allowing the user to reach objects on the ground.


For enhanced comfort and convenience, the user can adjust the seating position as well as the orientation within the vehicle.The wheelchair can convert to a stretcher within vehicles avoiding awkward transfers and enhancing the user’s ability to rest in comfort. For more info about the wheelchair check the Argonault website.

The apparatus allows users autonomous transition to and from a bed.Overstepping obstacles such as curbs and parking blocks.Compared with regular wheelchairs, our device is more stable on inclined surfaces due to its ability to lower its centre of gravity. This feature also enables stable operation at higher speeds.The Argonault StepRover Power Wheelchair is still at the concept prototype phase.

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