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Arrival Electric Van 200 Miles Of Range Walkthrough


Setting a new standard for commercial vehicles.Take a look inside the Arrival Van with Patrick Bion, Chief of Product at Arrival, who highlights the key features of the vehicle.

source/image(PrtSc): ARRIVAL

Features include heated seating, independent front and rear suspension, full cabin climate control and a 15.6” touch-screen interface to communicate data being collected from the vehicle directly to the driver in an optimal fashion. In addition, Arrival vehicles are designed to maximise the safety and well being of drivers and the public on our roads and streets using advanced technologies.

ADAS features, such as digital e-mirrors, a 360-degree surround view, Advanced Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Monitoring, Traffic Sign Recognition and Lane Keep Assist are all available across the range of Arrival Van variants, from 5.1m to 6.5m in length, offering an optimised product for any business or consumer.


The flexibility provided by the modular battery ranging from 44kWh to 133kWh, means that operators can choose the battery configuration that is best suited for their range requirements, further reducing costs and increasing efficiency. The lightweight aluminum frame and proprietary composite body panels significantly decrease the weight of the vehicle for greater range efficiency, reduce the frequency and cost of repairs as well as extend the van’s life expectancy./via/read more: arrival

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