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Ultra Slow Motion Ultrasonic Toothbrush At 30,000 FPS


I film an Ultrasonic Toothbrush at 30,000 frames per second in ultra slow motion to get a better idea for how it works, and what it does differently, I also wanted to see why everybody says that they are better than an ordinary toothbrush.

source/image(PrtSc): Warped Perception

After looking at the footage it seems very apparent to me that what the ultrasonic toothbrush does differently is move the bristles back and forth in an up and down direction the way the dentist recommends you brush your teeth but only thousands of times faster, which makes a lot of sense that’s why they clean better and that’s why they whiten teeth.

An ultrasonic toothbrush is an electric toothbrush designed for daily home use that operates by generating ultrasound in order to aid in removing plaque and rendering plaque bacteria harmless.


It typically operates on a frequency of 1.6 MHz, which translates to 96,000,000 pulses or 192,000,000 movements per minute. Ultrasound is defined as a series of acoustic pressure waves generated at a frequency beyond human hearing./Wikipedia

VIAWarped Perception
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