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Reading A Tire Sidewall And Learn How Safe Your Tires Are


The sidewall of your tires is filled with important information that tells you everything about your tire regarding the dimensions, construction, operating characteristics and manufacturer. What does 235/35R20 mean? What does ZR mean? What is a tread-wear rating?

source/image(PrtSc): Engineering Explained

What is a temperature grade? What is a traction grade? How about load rating, speed rating, and DOT badge?Car tires are a confusing mess to look at, with both SAE and metric units, and a complicated nomenclature.

That’s where this video comes in. We’ll explain all of the details surrounding the most common markings you’ll find on tire sidewalls, with the ultimate guide to tires. How to read your tires! Make cars and coffee interesting again and read tire sidewalls all day.


Unfortunately, most tires aren’t sold with a vocabulary card that lets you identify what all those marks mean. But if you know what you’re looking at, reading a sidewall and identifying a tire can be a quick & easy process.The trick is knowing where to look.

VIAEngineering Explained
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