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Artist’s Tiny Home Tiny Living Big Creativity


Hello there! Ready for a unique experience? Sonia is inviting you on an exclusive tour of Bascap Hiway, her tiny house. As an artist embracing a non-traditional lifestyle, this space has been transformed into a haven for creativity, living, and working. Let’s dive in and explore!

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Discover the surprisingly roomy kitchen in Sonia’s tiny house. Admire the elegant gold fittings and learn how she upgraded from a two-burner to a four-burner gas oven stove top for enhanced functionality. Notice the deep, easy-to-use cupboards and additional shelving for displaying cherished items, showcasing Sonia’s flair for blending practicality with style.In the bathroom, you’ll find a full-size shower with innovative dome settings to manage condensation and a practical, easy-to-clean plastic door.

Sonia chose an environmentally friendly incinerator toilet, optimizing space with smart shelving solutions.Living in this tiny house for nearly two years, Sonia balances her time between this artistic retreat and Wellington, New Zealand. This place is more than a home; it’s a studio where she paints, creates, and works. Embrace the freedom that this space represents for an independent, free-spirited artist like Sonia.


Experience how the living room transforms into a bed, while primarily serving as storage with large, art-filled drawers. Uncover unique storage solutions for shoes, books, and more, reflecting Sonia’s artistic journey. The space is adorned with various art pieces, awaiting their turn to be displayed.The bedroom, originally designed for a queen bed, now comfortably houses a king-size bed. Despite being in a tiny house, the room has considerable space, a cozy wardrobe, and a window offering privacy and a beautiful view.