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Astro Camper Van Her Micro Tiny Home on Wheels


Welcome to Madilyn’s Astro van life tour! Dive into the story of how she transformed a pre-built van into her perfect tiny home on wheels, exploring the modifications and personal touches she added to make it her own. Madilyn takes us through her revamped kitchen, which was once a bed area. She replaced the foot pump with an electric one for convenience and moved the sink for better space utilization.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

The kitchen features a spice rack, storage for food and cleaning supplies, and a versatile cooking area that Meline prefers to use while sitting on the floor with the doors open for ventilation. Madilyn’s boyfriend, credited as the builder, and Madilyn, the “creative director,” designed a multifunctional space including a bookshelf and a junk drawer that houses books, journals, and other miscellaneous items. Meline values this area for its combination of practicality and personal touch.

The van is equipped with a memory foam mattress that perfectly fits Meline’s height, ensuring a comfortable sleep. She shares her space with her dog Athena, who acts as a “foot warmer.” Her Goal Zero power station and solar setup ensure she has the energy she needs for her travels. Despite challenges with power during less sunny periods, Madilyn finds the setup sufficient for her needs.


One of the van’s unique features is its Dutch doors, allowing Madilyn to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of her bed, creating a serene and relaxing environment. Emphasizes the importance of adapting to this lifestyle and facing challenges head-on. She encourages aspiring van lifers to remember their reasons for starting this journey and to push through difficult times.