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Semper Vivus First Hybrid Car by Porsche


In the of automotive history, the Semper Vivus occupies a place of honor as the world’s first full hybrid car, a marvel of engineering that predates the current wave of hybrid and electric vehicles by over a century. This pioneering creation of Ferdinand Porsche was not merely an experiment but a bold statement on the potential of hybrid technology, combining electric and internal combustion power in a way that modern engineers are only now starting to fully appreciate.

source.image: DPCcars

The Semper Vivus, Latin for “always alive,” was a testament to Porsche’s ingenuity and his foresight into the future of mobility. With its intricate design, the vehicle was powered by two electric motors, each housed within the vehicle’s front wheels, a design feature that was revolutionary for its time.

These motors, weighing approximately 270 kilograms each, were external rotor motors, designed for efficiency and power. They delivered an impressive torque from a standing start, thanks to their innovative configuration that connected the rotor and stator in series.


The batteries have a range of 40 kilometers (25 miles). Once the 3.5-horsepower engines fire up, Semper Vivus can go another 160 kilometers (100 miles). Top speed is 35 mph, quite quick for its day. Batteries provide juice to the hub-mounted motors, and a pair of tiny single-cylinder engines step in to drive two 2.5-kilowatt generators that keep electricity flowing when the batteries go kaput.