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ATC Trailers Tilt Deck Aluminum Stacker Car Trailer

A look at the Tilt Deck Stacker by ATC Trailers. ATC Trailers is the industry leader in innovation in the car trailer industry, and our fully automatic tilt stacker lift is the first of its kind in the industry.

source: aluminumtrailer/image(PrtSc): ATC Trailers

In the loading position, our stacker deck can be tilted to help the transition of low clearance cars.That’s just part of what makes our stacker lift the most user friendly lift on the market.

This aluminum stacker trailer has a split floor lift stacker to easily load and unload your rides. The all aluminum frame allows for more hauling capacity.This 25’ custom ATC stacker offers distinct customization for the luxury cars, intriguing toys, and the highly sought-after ease of use.


This Aluminum Stacker Trailer includes 11’ 3” interior height, Interior Length 19′ 11″, Interior Width 98″, Deck Height 20″, Axle Type Dexter Torflex Torsion, 4 Wheel Electric brakes, 235/85R16 Tire Size, Axle Rating 6000#.