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Atlas ATV Offroad Mini Beast Can Travel Virtually Anywhere


The Atlas ATV can travel 37mph on land and 4mph on water. It has three driving modes: front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and crab walk.Overall dimensions of Atlas and the amount of useable space make this all-terrain vehicle universal. It can be modified for any tasks and purposes on customer’s request.

image: Atlas ATV

Passengers number can be as much as 12 persons. Construction of interior allows deployment of a stretcher.Air suspension with vibration dampener, as low as possible center of gravity, high ground clearance, differential lock, control system for both pairs of wheels – Atlas has a huge variety of techniques to deal with any kind of off-road terrain.

Every person, who has the skills to drive a car, can operate the Atlas without difficulty. Control system is the same.Thanks to control system for both pairs of wheels, vehicle can be easily operated and has outstanding maneuverability.


Atlas’s turn radius is smaller than a passenger car turn radius, which is important on rough ground.Combination of innovative engineering solutions makes Atlas one of the most reliable all-terrain vehicles in its category and that’s why it demands maintenance less frequently. Service interval is 200 engine hours.

The Atlas ATV is powered by a Renault 1.5 liter Diesel engine that powers everything from the Dacia Duster to the Nissan Qashqai,Atlas claims that this engine requires less maintenance.Atlas offers a combo of superior performance and comfort. As stated earlier, it can do far better than a one-man joyride.