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Atlas ATV The Most Capable Off-Road Vehicle


Today we are going to tell you about Atlas ATV – the Atlas ATV all-terrain vehicle that will surprise you with its abilities. The vehicle is designed for border guards and for military use, but the developers say it may be a private off-road vehicle.

source/image(PrtSc): Technical Evolution

The Atlas ATV is powered by a small 1.5-liter diesel engine and it’s extremely fuel-efficient.

The ATV has all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering that helps it conquer any kinds of terrain. This is one of the most capable off-road vehicles we’ve ever seen.


Unfortunately, we can’t tell you the price, but we believe it will be much more affordable than the price for any competition. This ATV is equipped with a traditional steering wheel and a manual transmission, so basically anyone can drive it../Technical Evolution

VIATechnical Evolution
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