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Toyota Hiace Autarky 4×4 Slide Out Xcentrix Campervans


This cleverly engineered slide out increases the floor space by 80cm in the 4×4 Motorhome with a push of a button.

source/image(PrtSc): Nick Reed

This Compact off road Motorhome is built on the Toyota Hiace SLWB but this isn’t your ordinary Hiace , it has had a monster lift and 4wd conversion , making the “Autarky 4×4” best compact 4wd Motorhome on the market .

Having a rear slide out , allows you to have a one piece comfortable mattress that doesn’t require packing away to make room for other activities.


A passage way along both sides of the bed to allow easy access to and from bed and making the bed is a breeze.

With the slide out fully extended it creates a dining area , the seat simply fold down from the side wall and the multidirectional table offers up many dining scenarios and is easily packed away under the bed ./