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ATV EAGLE 8×8 Mega Big Foot King of Off-Road Amphibian


ATV EAGLE – It is a floating machine with a balanced suspension and a breaking frame. Geometrical passability is provided by ground clearance of 0.76 meters, wheel travel up to 0.95 meters, flat and even bottom.

source/image(PrtSc): The GC

The all-terrain vehicle has a sealed hull and overcomes water barriers without special training, floats fully loaded. Moves on any snow cover.

It is allowed to drive on public roads. The all-terrain vehicle has a duvle layout. The power unit is located in the first (front) link. The second link is modular. Turbocharged diesel engine. Working volume is 2.5 liters.


Power 83 hp Permanent all-wheel drive with locking center differential. Cross-axle differentials are self-locking. Wheel formula 8×8. Suspension balance, with locking balancers. Disc brakes with vacuum booster. Power steering. Steel frame. Aluminum body.//The GC

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