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Audi E Tron GT Motor & Drivetrain – Animation

Two separate electric motors that produce a combined 590 horsepower and provide all-wheel drive. In typical Audi fashion, the Quattro system can distribute power to individual wheels for sharper handling and improved traction.

source/image: DPCcars

The company claims the e-tron GT will be able to hit 60 mph in about 3.5 seconds and eclipse 124 mph in just over 12 ticks. A complex cooling method means its battery pack can handle repeated runs without compromising acceleration.

Likewise, the concept car has an estimated driving range of 249 miles based on the European test cycle. Its 800-volt charging system can refill 80 percent of the battery in about 20 minutes, and it also features technology for wireless charging.


With the batteries placed to the ground, the electric quattro systems sends 434 kW (590HP) to all 4 wheels. Coupled with all-wheel steering, the e-tron GT Concept is extremely agile.With a cutting-edge powertrain, the e-tron GT Concept has the performance to match the looks. Estimated to sprint from 0-100kph in approx. 3.5 seconds and can reach 200kph in just over 12 seconds.