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Audi RS4 Avant B5 With Custom RS4 Car Trailer


This is something you have probably never seen before! During a supercar meeting somewhere in The Netherlands, I have filmed this Audi RS4 Avant B5 pulling also a custom made RS4 trailer! The trailer of this Audi RS4 Avant B5 features matching roof rails, identical exhaust tips and functional headlights.

source/image(PrtSc): Gumbal

It’s worth mentioning that it even features a fuel cap. When viewing it from behind it seems exactly the same like the vehicle’s rear end. This particular RS4 can also play with your mind in other ways. That’s because the owner had the crazy idea of making a trailer that looks like another RS4.

You can notice the vehicle’s lowered stance being mirrored by its trailer. It also features matching wheels and the same brake calipers. It even has an antenna at exactly the same spot.


The owner must have put in a lot of work to create a matching trailer for his RS4 Avant and the end result is quite impressive as the trailer looks virtually the same as the car./Gumbal