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Austal Hull 394 – ‘Bajamar Express’ Trimaran Rollout

View the superstructure lift and rollout of Austal’s latest trimaran, Hull 394 for Fred. Olsen SA – the Bajamar Express.

source/image(PrtSc): Austal

Australia’s Henderson shipyard in Western Australia on December 14, in preparation for final fit out before launch in February 2020.

The 118 metre trimaran is under construction at Austal Australia’s shipyard in Henderson Western Australia.Capable of transporting more than 1,100 passengers and 276 cars at speeds up to 38 knots, the new ferries for Fred.


Olsen Express feature Austal’s latest, optimised trimaran hull form and will be fitted with Austal’s industry-leading Motion Control technology that delivers a smoother ride and an enhanced on board experience for both customers and crew.