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AutoAgri Autonomous Agri-Robot Model IC20


AutoAgri located in Norway are devoted to development and manufacturing of autonomous implement carriers. This vehicles are designed with agricultural use in mind, but only imagination limits possible applications.

source/image(PrtSc): AutoAgri

The size and capacities of the AutoAgri implement carrier are matched to fit existing equipment in the market.Lower total mass. 20-50 % Larger footprint / vehicle weight ratio compared to typical farm tractors.

It is equipped with CAT 2 3-point hitch, PTO and hydraulics to fit equipment designed for traditional tractors as well as new equipment that further exploits new possibilities given by autonomy.


Guided by GPS, radar and other sensors it can work on its own day and night. Due to efficient drivetrain, low weight and low operational speed, it cuts running cost significantly.

Operations can be executed with precision, and under the most favourable weather conditions, minimizing usage of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides. via/read more: AutoAgri

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