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AutoFlight Air Taxi Prosperity I Test Flight Video


AutoFlight today releases the second, and latest, full scale proof-of-concept (POC) video for its air taxi Prosperity I. The new video debuts three months after the original POC video and includes a modified, more efficient design of Prosperity I.

source/image(PrtSc): AutoFlight

In the latest design, new optimized lifting propellers allow for a higher hover efficiency, while the two pushing propellors that were previously on either side of the air taxi have been replaced with one center propellor with twin motors to enhance cruising abilities. The latest design of Prosperity I is very close to the final design which will be released later this year.

About Prosperity I:Prosperity I aims to carry a maximum of 3 passengers and 1 pilot for a range of up to 250 kilometers. The cruising speed is 200 kilometers per hour.


We can imagine airport commutes, short transfers between parts of a city, connecting two nearby cities or enabling trips to the countryside while avoiding traffic on the ground. A trip that takes hours by car will be reduced to about 10 minutes with Prosperity I. Without being any less safe or more expensive than a taxi ride or parking fees./AutoFlight