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Automatic Car Rooftop Chair Topper Wheelchair Carrier


The Chair Topper is a wheelchair carrier now available to be installed at Gilani Engineering.Gilani Engineering expert team of qualified Engineers provides you with the latest wheelchair stowage solution technology through this innovative device. Think of it as a valet service for your wheelchair. When you get seated in your car, this Wheelchair Topper will take care of your wheelchair. When you’re ready to leave the car, the Chair topper will bring your wheelchair to you.

source/image: Gilani Engineering

In between, it is safely stored in the weatherproof rooftop box, perfect for electric wheelchairs or manual wheelchairs. It’s an excellent solution for independent drivers as well as passengers.It takes 30 seconds to load or retrieve your wheelchair. Getting your wheelchair in or out is super easy with a button on the remote.

Since the Chair Roof Topper is mounted using a standard roof rack, it doesn’t require any permanent change to your car. Power cables are hidden behind the windshields’ weather seal and use existing cable channels to enter the car’s interior. ts sleek ergonomic design makes it enjoyable to use and looks attractive on your vehicle roof.


Another feature of the Wheelchair Roof Topper is that you can do parallel parking without having to worry about being able to open the boot. When it comes to standard parking spaces, it’s also a very narrow solution. You don’t need more space next to your car than the width of your unfolded wheelchair. via/read more: gilaniengineering

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