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AutoSaw Robot Assisted Carpentry That Cuts Wood By Itself


In an effort to minimize injury, CSAIL, MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory created the AutoSaw, a system that lets non-experts customize items for construction by droids.

source: mit.edu / image: MITCSAIL

Users can choose from a range of carpenter-designed templates for chairs, desks, and other furniture. The team says that AutoSaw could eventually be used for projects as large as a deck or a porch.

The system also offers flexibility for designing furniture to fit space-constrained houses and apartments. For example, it could allow a user to modify a desk to squeeze into an L-shaped living room, or customize a table to fit in a microkitchen.


At the moment, the whole process is pretty basic, and involves a lot of human oversight and instruction.Even the self-driving jigsaw which has to be picked up and placed on its target material is underpowered. It’s actually a modified Roomba Create, with the plastic casing removed and a circular saw fitted where you might expect to see a vacuum nozzle.