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Avoid Electric STATIC Shock Getting Out Of a Car

As the weather gets colder and dryer, you are more likely to get shocked when getting out of a car, touching a door knob, or doing laundry. Is there a way to prevent getting shocked on the car door?

source/image(PrtSc): Physics Girl

The static shock is created when you move and slide in your car seat to get out of the car. Like rubbing a ballon on your hair. There’s an easy way to discharge that static shock build up as you get out of your car./Physics Girl

Just hold onto your car door, roof or frame anywhere BEFORE YOU STAND UP!!That allows the static charge to drain away and eliminate the sudden jolt. No more shock getting out of your car. Makes filling your tank with gas safer. Discharge the static instantly.


Static electricity is produced when two materials rub against each other, causing a build up of electrical charges.Most shocks happen because you and the car have picked up opposite charges. Leaving your seat separates these charges, creating the potential for a static shock. Touching the metal of the car as you get out lets the charge balance out by flowing harmlessly through your hand.