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How The Underwater Structures Are Built

Oceans, rivers, and lakes are often beautiful, but they’re not necessarily convenient places to build things. Yet, many types of the infrastructure we depend on every day, including wharves, bridges, and dams, are founded below the water.

source/image(PrtSc): Practical Engineering

How do they do it? On today’s episode, we’re talking about different types of underwater construction, including cofferdams, diversions, caissons, and drilled shafts.Watch the video from Practical Engineering for more info:

Whether the construction site is on the bottom of a lake or river, or simply located in the floodplain and only at risk during extreme weather, engineers and construction contractors put a significant amount of thought and consideration into the feasibility and costs of managing this water.


In water retaining or coastal structures, the foundation is by caisson construction. Caisson is a chamber driven in to the bed of the water system. The water is pumped out of this chamber and concrete is poured. The other parts of the coastal structures is pre-casted in the land and driven into the water system./quora