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B Turtle Inflatable Micro-Caravan For Bicycles & E-Bikes

The B-Turtle introduces a new era of bike trailers linking transport and camping functions for the first time. Weighing only 30kg,it undercuts similar solutions by providing space for 2 people and an awning with headroom in camping mode.

source/image: GentleTent

The 113 x 73,5 x 79cm (without drawbar) trailer is made of lightweight aluminum construction and connects to the bike/ e-bike via a Weber coupling.

While riding, the tent sits on top of the trailer with space for cargo below. This underlying transport tray provides plenty of storage space.


For camping, the 130x210cm deck platform made of drop stitch material and the roomy air tent made of high-quality Tencate fabric inflate. Light, roomy and commercially available, the B-Turtle is a groundbreaking transport and caravan combo trailer for bikes.