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Why Diesel Engines Lose Power & Efficiency Over Time


Modern diesel engine development has increased engine efficiency and decreased NOx and particulate matter emissions. This video will focus on several questions: What is diesel fuel? How do diesel engines work, and how are diesels different from gasoline engines?

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Why are diesel engines typically more efficient than gasoline engines? Why do diesel engines continue to move towards higher fuel pressures and finer injector holes? How do fuel injector properties affect efficiency and emissions?

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Why are diesel engines susceptible to injector deposits? How do injector deposits affect engine performance characteristics?


With regards to deposits, ExxonMobil has developed Synergy Diesel Efficient fuel, which has a proprietary additive package designed and proven to reduce deposits on injectors.

By removing injector deposits, the goal is to restore the original spray pattern. I was able to visit one of the research facilities where this new fuel was tested, and results proved a 2% improvement in average fuel economy, a 2% reduction in CO2 emissions, and an 11% reduction in NOx emissions. This video will dive into the details of how this is all possible, and how testing was performed.