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Back To Nature, Living In A Beautiful Off-The-Grid Tiny House Tent


After leaving their home in Southern California, this adventurous family ventured to live off-the-grid and debt free in a beautiful tiny tent house in New Mexico. In this re-visited episode, we catch up with them after a year to see how life in the tiny house tent is working out!

source/image(PrtSc): Living Big In A Tiny House

Since we last visited, a few things have changed in the home.The family are now completely off the grid thanks to a new solar set-up and they have renovated their home to make it more functional for the family.

The whole design of their tent, and in fact their whole acre property was centred around the fire pit. Here, the life-giving element becomes a focal point, which provides warmth and a place for the family to be together and connect. The tent itself is absolutely stunning and feels much more like a cabin than a conventional tent.


It’s wood framed, with some light insulation and has plywood walls on the interior, offset against it’s canvas and polycarbonate exterior. Inside, the family has absolutely everything they need. There’s a large living room with couch, entertainment area and dining table. A good sized kitchen, bathroom and sleeping loft as well as lots of storage for the families belongings./livingbiginatinyhous