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Badger Extreme Transforming Travel Trailer


Built for all terrain types, tough and extremely good looking, we assure that there is a Badger for any kind of traveller. Built by South African Badger Adventure Caravans.Our patented fold out side panel is what sets us apart from any other product. It allows for the convenience of compact towing as well as the luxury and comfort of a full size caravan.The Extreme comes standard with the AL-KO Enduro Suspension and the X-Over with the Burqup Rubberide.

source.image: Badger Adventure Caravans

The right sidewall and the center roof fold down as one piece, making the wall become the floor and the roof, the rear wall.The expansion is one easy step using the grab handles, and the expansion room uses the telescopic legs built into the roof rack to deliver structural support.

Once deployed, the interior pole setup allows for creating a canopy bedroom with a multipurpose slide-out bed that can be turned into anything from a sofa to a large double bed.With all the comfort features on offer, one can camp in style, with the shower/toilet cubicle being a welcome addition to the caravan.


The king-size bed and the padded headboard are luxurious and the reading lights on each side are convenient and functional.The Badger team worked hard to customise their kitchen areas to their clients’ individual requirements, with a variety of layouts being offered. The caravan comes standard with a two-plate gas stove situated in a drawer below the kitchen area.


  • Hansen Dual Gas Electric water heater
  • Trail King Water Pump 12v – 7 l/min
  • Cadac 2-Cook Delux Gas Stove
  • Snomaster 12/220v 56 litre double door fridge / freezer
  • Inta Safety Fire Extinguisher


  • Fold out bed with 1.9m x 1.9m sleeping area
  • Voltage: 12v
  • Battery Capacity: 105Ah
  • Alternating Current – Voltage: 220v | Frequency: 50Hz |
  • Phases: Single
  • Enertec 12v 105Ah deep cycle battery
  • Victron Blue Smart IP67, 15amp battery charger
  • 3 Gang switch panel with voltmeter and 3.1A dual USB charger