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Family’s Double Murphy Bed Adventure Camper Travel Van


Meet the Christensen family, who have found their perfect getaway vehicle in a custom-built van. With a dream that began 3-4 years ago, they sought a way to bond, create memories, and foster a love for the great outdoors. Now, they’re inviting you into their home on wheels that makes it all happen.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Finding a van to fit a larger family isn’t easy, but the Christensens did it. Their journey is not just about traveling—it’s about prioritizing what’s important, and for them, it’s the invaluable experiences they’re sharing as a family.With an outside kitchen, cooking becomes a delightful part of their adventure. A portable gas stove and a simple, efficient Dometic sink setup keep meals fun and family-focused, proving that a kitchen doesn’t have to be indoors to be the heart of a home.

Cycling is a passion for the Christensens, and they’ve equipped their van with a sturdy bike rack from L racks that accommodates all sizes, from the smallest child’s bike to an adult’s, ensuring their adventures always include their favorite trails.Safety and aesthetics go hand in hand with their Backwoods bumper. Not just for looks, the winch provides peace of mind for any unexpected situations on less-traveled paths.


With a robust 400 amp-hour battery and a 2,000-watt inverter charged by 600 watts of solar panels, the van’s electrical system supports their lifestyle seamlessly, whether they’re on the move or settled in a remote campsite.They emphasize that traveling with kids isn’t something to fear. The memories and bonds formed are irreplaceable, and the van has become an extension of their adventurous spirits.