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BAJA 1000 the Fogg Motorsports RZR Bug Conversion

We have all dreamed about driving our RZRs on the street, but very few states actually allow it. Well we found two guys from Oregon that found a way to do this with a RZR Bug Conversion and they call it the Baja 1000.

source/image: BustedKnuckleVideo 

This isn’t a RZR Bug Body kit, Fogg Motorsports actually custom fit this VW Bug Body on to a 2014 Polaris RZR XP 1000 chassis. We caught up to them at the 2018 King of the Hammers event in California and just had to do a feature on it.

The Fogg Motorsports RZR Bug is a clean build and they plan on doing many more. We might even try our hand in building our own polaris rzr bug to hoon around Alabama in. So stay tuned to Extreme UTV Tech for that as we attempt to build a street legal rzr.


What they’ve done is taken an actual steel VW Bug body and draped it perfectly over an RZR XP1000 chassis. As you can see, the fit is shockingly perfect, making it seem almost as if one was built for the other, and the finished product looks very much like it could have rolled off an assembly line just as it sits.