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Diver Finds A Phone By A Waterfall And Returns To Owner

There are all kinds of treasures hidden at the bottom of rivers and lakes where people swim. Some random guy was filming when a dropped his phone in the bottom of this pool, and it would sit there for a whole nine months before coming back to life!

image/text credit: Man + River 

Over the years, i have found some treasures on his dives under the water, but it was the recent discovery of a cell phone that set a serendipitous chain of events into motion.But white most treasure hunters choose to keep all of their finds – Good diver tries his best to return electronics to their owners.

WOW, this is BY FAR my favorite River Treasure dive so far. While scuba diving in an Arizona Waterfall with my metal detector, I found lots of amazing treasures, including a nice Pocket Knife, 2 Rings, Sunglasses, some Coins, and a WORKING iPhone 6s PLUS in a Waterproof Pouch lost for 9 months, and still worked!.


I was able to contact the owner and return the phone. His reaction was priceless, he was so thrilled to have his phone back in perfect condition after missing it for 9 long months!!! The Owner “Prince Ahmed” (as his friends call him) treated all 4 of the MAN + RIVER crew to dinner!