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Beautifully Renovated Toyota RV For $24k


Join them, John Luke and Jackie, as they extend a heartfelt invitation to experience their distinctive tiny home tour – a custom-crafted adventure on wheels that is more than a mere dwelling; it’s a celebration of their aspirations, artisanship, and the path less trodden.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

They’ve invested their blood, sweat, and tears into transforming a ’93 Toyota into a snug, modern haven that guides them where their hearts desire.

Step inside and see how they’ve reimagined tiny living with a splash of personal style, from a fully-equipped kitchen and multipurpose living area to their cherished sleeping alcove. Also, get to hear the story of their bold move into this nomadic way of life.


They’re fervent about sustainable living on the road, with amenities such as their composting toilet and solar power system. It’s a journey that’s not only about the sights but also about the people – discover the profound and lasting friendships they’ve made along the way.read more: Tiny Home Tours