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BECCARII Hybrid VTOL Future All-Terrain Flying Car Concept


A flying car or roadable aircraft is a type of vehicle which can function both as a road vehicle and as an aircraft.BECCARII offers a unique design that provides the performance of a helicopter and car in one.

source/image: BECCARII

Big composite hubless wheel wheels can easily tackle any obstacle on the ground, once they become too difficult to drive over ( like a river, lake etc) it can take to the air and fly over it. Just imagine the possibility of coming from this design.

Placing propellers inside a hubless wheel is the best solution to power VTOL Flying Car. This configuration provides maximum usage of the wheels.


The full scale concept is a 360kg, 3.37m long four-wheeled road vehicle capable of 120kph both on the ground and in the air through the use of four sets of contra-rotating propellers embedded in large diameter 46″ hubless wheels.

Claimed range is 150km flight / 400km driving and power is provided by a 250BHP gas turbine powering an electric generator and drivetrain. Currently have a functioning 1:10 scale prototype (see below). 1:2 scale prototype in development.