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Bedrock XT2 Ford F-550 Arctic Truck Krug Expedition Vehicle


BEDROCK XT2KRUG EXPEDITION X ARCTIC TRUCKS. The result of an epic collaboration between KRUG EXPEDITION and Arctic Trucks is a unique expedition grade truck especially made for the US. Arctic Trucks are on the forefront of polar transportation, and KRUG brings over a decade of experience in building expedition grade trucks and 230+ finished projects to the table.

source.image: MotoRV

BEDROCK XT2 is a one of a kind 6×4 off-road machine converting a luxury variant of the Ford Super Duty F-550 and bringing it to the next level with suspension and chassis frame reliability. Riding on a Ford F550 chassis and six massive wheels, the massive Bedrock XT2 is 22 feet long, 96 inches across, and 90 inches (7.5 feet) tall.

The chassis underwent major modification by Arctic Trucks before KRUG built out the living space. An additional tag rear axle decreases the ground pressure by upwards of 25%, while formidable 365/80R20 Continental MPT tires provide superb traction in rugged terrain and smooth operation while driving on the road. Inside, the XT2 boasts a purposeful KRUG-designed living space with numerous amenities. A king size bed is standard, while the dinette can convert for more bed space. A full shower and bathroom fed by 118 gallons.


The three axle design solves a common issue of overloading the rear axle, with BEDROCK XT2 load distribution is perfectly balanced, greatly improves breakover and departure angles and allows for a longer living habitat without compromising the off-road performance of the truck. The new rear tag axle also features hydraulic disc brakes for improved control and reduced braking distances. For even greater convenience, Arctic Trucks’ 8-link rear air suspension system includes independent control from inside the cab, allowing quick air pressure adjustments to accommodate varying payloads and terrain.