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Couple’s DIY School Bus Build Clever And Functional Design


Join Becca and Danny as they invite you into their beautifully converted International bus, a space where vintage charm meets modern functionality. With a focus on sustainability and self-sufficiency, this couple has transformed a classic bus into their dream home on wheels, incorporating family heirlooms and thrifty finds to create a living space that is both personal and practical.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Vintage-Inspired Kitchen: Discover how Becca and Danny have maximized their cooking and storage space with thrifted cabinets tailored to fit their needs, alongside a butcher block countertop that adds warmth and style. Their kitchen is equipped with a full-size stove and a classic fridge that perfectly matches the aesthetic while being energy-efficient.

Hydrogen-Rich Water System: Learn about the innovative water ionizer that ensures their drinking water is rich in antioxidants, demonstrating their commitment to health and wellness on the road. Cozy and Functional Bathroom: Becca proudly showcases the bathroom she designed and executed herself, featuring soothing colors and efficient water management, including a custom-built shower with comprehensive waterproofing systems.


Energy Efficiency: Explore the technical aspects of their home, including a 100-gallon fresh water system paired with an equally capacious greywater tank, and the strategic absence of a black water tank thanks to their composting toilet. Solar Power System: Danny explains their robust solar setup, which includes 3,000 watts of panels on the roof and an 800 amp-hour battery bank, ensuring they have ample power wherever they travel. Custom Living Spaces: From their multi-functional living room that doubles as a dining area to the cozy, elevated bedroom setup, every aspect of the bus has been thoughtfully designed to maximize comfort and usability.