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BeTRITON 100% electric Amphibious Camper-Trike


BeTRITON (formerly known as Z-Triton) is ready for outdoor enthusiasts who want to do long-distance adventures or short weekend getaways to explore the beauty of our blue and green planet in the most sustainable and extraordinary way.

source/image(PrtSc): BeTRITON

BeTRITON is 100% electric Amphibious Camper-Trike with a mission to shift the way people travel and engage with nature. It combines a boat, a tricycle, and a camper all in one and offers the freedom to travel both over land and water.

The camper trike is powered by an electric boat motor, an electric trike motor, a lithium-ion battery pack and integrated roof solar panels.


The body is crafted from organic fibreglass with polyester made from recycled pet bottles and a number of parts are large-format 3d printed with bioplastics.The camper can ride and sleep two people, with the camper being equipped with a folding kitchen table and storage room in the fron.//BeTRITON

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