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Big Beautiful RC F-16 Turbine Powered Fighter Jet Airplane


GIANT SCALE RC (radio controlled) F-16 FIGHTER JET with Evojet 220 EX TURBINE JET ENGINE.Steve Elias flies his 1:5 scale Jet Legend F-16. Guidance from Futaba mz18WC.

source/image(PrtSc): Essential RC

RC F16 1:5 scale model with a wingspan of 2.02m, with a length of app. 2.50m, and its powered by an Evojet 220 EX turbine engine, the weight of the airplane is app:21.4kg. The airplane is painted in tiger meet scheme used by the Belgium airforce. Supplied by Jeff Sewell at Zedjets, UK.

The plane is extremly light weight with extremly easy flying characteristics.Authentic scale touches include molded-in surface details, a cockpit with pilot figure, plus optional-use simulated external fuel tanks and ordnance.


The main structural parts have more scale detail than most other composite planes in this size class.The F-16C Fighting Falcon is known as the most capable single engine supersonic multirole fighter aircraft in the world. It is a true American marvel./Essential RC

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