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Big RC 5 Cylinder Radial Boeing Stearman PT-17 Airplane


The Stearman (Boeing) Model 75 is a biplane formerly used as a military trainer aircraft, of which at least 10,626 were built in the United States during the 1930s and 1940s.

source/image(PrtSc): Essential RC

When it comes to all things RC this is my favourite sound. A burbling 5 or 7 cylinder Radial. This is a 5 cylinder SC radial converted from glow fuel to petrol. Expertly done because it performed perfectly.

The carb is a walbro and it has an electric pump. This conversion came from a Morris Mini motor. Bolted to the front of a Boeing Stearman PT-17 it looks perfect exposed to show the engine operating and giving maximum sound in the air.


In the air the RC Stearman PT-17 flat-bottom airfoils and light wing loading translate into exceptionally scale-like flight characteristics that everyone from intermediate to advanced pilots will instantly fall in love with.

  • Wingspan: 2260 mm
  • Weight: 9~11 kg
  • Length: 1750 mm
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