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Big RC Bell-222 Airwolf Blue Turbine Powered Helicopter

The Bell 222 is an American twin-engine light helicopter built by Bell Helicopter. The Airwolf version is the helicopter from the 1980s American eponymous television series.

source/image(PrtSc): RC MEDIA WORLD

Its fictional features included stratospheric ceiling, stealth noise signature, a wide range of equipmentss and even supersonic speed.//RC MEDIA WORLD

This Giant RC Bell-222 Airwolf Blue has a diameter app.2.00m with a Take-off weight: app. 20 Kg, it is powered by a turbine engine.


The turbine engine fascinates by the smell of kerosene. A gently starting rotor, accompanied by the unmistakable sound of a turbine.There is not much specification displayed about this RC helicopter but for sure it looks and flies amazing.

  • Model: Bell-222 Airwolf Blue
  • Engine: Turbine
  • Rotor diameter: app. 2.00 m
  • Take-off weight: app. 20 Kg
  • Pilot: ???