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Pneumatic Cylinder Working Principle 3D Animation


Design of pneumatic cylinder is explained in this video with relevant animations. Pneumatic cylinder is the linear actuator powered by compressed air to apply force on a load.

source/image(PrtSc): TecknoMechanics

Like hydraulic cylinders, something forces a piston to move in the desired direction. The piston is a disc or cylinder, and the piston rod transfers the force it develops to the object to be moved./wikipedia

The main components of a pneumatic cylinder are: end cap, a piston, a piston rod, a cylinder barrel, a wiper seal and a cushion sleeve and seal.Once actuated, compressed air enters into the tube at one end of the piston and imparts force on the piston.


Consequently, the piston becomes displaced.Engineers sometimes prefer to use pneumatics because they are quieter, cleaner, and do not require large amounts of space for fluid storage.