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Three-Wheel Electric 1300l Cargo Bike

Acces all urban areas with 1300 liters of volume. The Tender’s three-wheel base combines cycling technology with insights from the automotive industry, making it agile and guaranteeing maximum strength and stability.

source/image(PrtSc): Urban Arrow

With effectively no fuel costs, no tax or emissions, the Tender is a ultra-low cost alternative to running a van in any city. Able to carry up to two pallets there’s no compromise on space.

The 250W Bosch Cargo Line motor is one of the highest powered motors Bosch produces, giving a huge amount of assistance. With 75Nm of Torque, it conquers hills like no other motor can.


All Tender models come with a three-wheel base and dual hydraulic disc brake technology on the front frame. These brakes allow for quick and safe stopping of the massive cargo volume you can transport with this beast. The wheel suspension ensures you’ll always have a smooth ride, no matter the weight.