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Big RC Pilatus PC-21 Turbo Prop Turbine Model Airplane

Pilatus PC-21 is an advanced single-engine trainer aircraft.It is manufactured by Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland.This RC PC21 is built in a vacuum sandwich technology in FRP and CRP. It is built to strength but with the consideration of a maximum of 25kg takeoff weight.

source/image(PrtSc): DIGITAL RC

With a length of 3,3m and span of 2.68m and a flying weight of around 23 kg it is designed for experienced pilots. The PC-21 has excellent flight characteristics thanks to a solid and precise construction.video by DIGITAL RC

With its scale appearance including retracts, flaps and the 5-bladed prop, the PC-21 will no doubt impress at your flying field. The airplane is powered by a Kink Tech K60 TP Turbo Prop five blade engine.


It contains lots of detailed solutions for an easy build up. The access to the engine is very easy through a large hatch.

  • Pilots: Marc Petrak & Matthias Hocke
  • Model: Pilatus PC-21 (Tomahawk Design)
  • Scale: 1:3,4
  • Span: 2,68 m
  • Lenght: 3,3 m
  • Weight: 23 kg
  • Turbine: JetCat SPT10-RX
  • Propeller: 5-blade 24×23″
  • Servos: Spektrum A6300
  • Radio: Spektrum DX20 Powersave
  • Receiver: AS3000 Gyro
  • Event: Jet Power 2019, Genderkingen/Donauwörth, Germany