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Home Built High Performance Electric Motorcycle

This video is for all of you Do-It-Yourself types out there who are thinking about making your own electric vehicle but don’t know where to start or what parts to use.

source/image(PrtSc): Higher Voltage

While I could not cover everything in this video, I tried to hit the main points.The bike:Frame: 1985 Honda VF700 sabre,Front end: 1984 V65 Sabre 41mm with All Balls tapered bearings (due to added weight).//Higher Voltage

Rear shock: Hagon performance shock with 200 weight spring,Tires: Pirelli Sport DemonBrakes: Regenetive power assisted rear drum and Stainless steel lined dual disc in the front.


The electrical system:Motor: NetGain Hyper 9 with controller,Transmission: Direct drive (no gearbox),Battery: 36X LiFePO4/120 Ampere-hour cells in series,Battery management: Orion BMS2./ via/read more: Higher Voltage


  • Top speed: 145 mph
  • 0-60mph: 3.5 seconds
  • Peak rear wheel torque: 450 lb-ft
  • Range (in miles): 155 (mountain terrain), 175 (highway), 190 (city)
  • Total cost: $11,400 (no, it wasn’t cheap)