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Black Bear Climbs Electric Pole, Raids Nest


Although she was in Canada to find wood bison, the Director of Media Relations at O.F. Mossberg & Sons instead witnessed an incredible sight near the border of Alberta and Northwest Territory of a bear ascending a power pole, raiding a bird’s nest, and descending–unharmed.

image/text credit: O.F. M&S, Inc.

This video shows the bear as it was feeding atop the pole.This black bear ascended a power pole, raided a bird’s nest, and descended–unharmed. This is quite a rare sight. It truly goes to show the great lengths that an animal will go to survive.

It shows the moment the impressive creature reaches the top of the tower before helping itself to the contents of the nest.The protective ravens take turns at pecking the black bear but are helpless to stop it as it devours their eggs before casually making its way back down again.


Bears will go to great lengths to sate their springtime appetite, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this.According to the video posted to YouTube, the agile bear finished the feast and made it down the power pole unharmed.