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BMW i Vision AMBY Pedelec Bike


BMW i Vision AMBY is a high-speed pedelec bike designed for urban environment, it’s a visionary two-wheeled solution from BMW for future urban mobility. AMBY translates the basic idea of adaptive urban mobility on two wheels in different ways. As an adaptive mobility, AMBY is equipped with electric drive system with three speed ratings for different types of roads.

The drive system allows speeds of up to 15.5mph on cycle tracks, up to 28mph on city center roads, and up to 37mph on multi-lane roads or outside urban areas.

The battery is positioned in the centre of the frame. Its 2,000 Wh enables a range of up to 300 km, depending on the riding mode. Thanks to fast charging technology, it recharges in only three hours.

The drive unit, which is positioned close to the pedals, only provides assistance when the pedals are being turned. Power transfer is made by a low-maintenance toothed belt, and the transmission is integrated into the drive system.


A sophisticated single-sided swinging arm, links the rear wheel with the frame. 120 mm of suspension travel, front and rear, is ideal for all applications, in and around town, at speeds of up to 60 km/h.

The 27.5-inch wheels, are fitted with larger and wider tyres than normal, in order to ensure exceptional comfort and safety, even at higher speeds. Visually light yet durable, BMW i Vision AMBY has frame structure that is larger than regular e-bike. It has greater strength and stability, you can say a mixture of a racing bike and sporty e-bike. The upper frame tube is made from four sculptural aluminum profiles with slightly rising sweep to underline the dynamic intent.