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Family’s Full Time RV Life Small Space Living With Kids


Join the Leopard family on an extraordinary journey as they navigate life in their tiny home on wheels! In this video, the Leopard family takes us inside their Australian-built, 23t NextGen Caravan, perfectly suited for the rugged Outback roads and their adventurous lifestyle across New Zealand.


source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Step into their cozy and efficient kitchen where culinary magic happens. Despite its compact size, the kitchen boasts a full oven running on LPG, a spacious sink, and clever storage solutions for their cooking essentials. Discover how the family keeps things organized and efficient in this tight space, making the most of their limited benchtop and cabinet storage.

Explore the caravan’s lounge area, ingeniously designed to accommodate all five family members. Learn about their versatile table that doubles as a bed and the clever use of space for essential utilities like the inverter, hot water cylinder, and diesel heater. Get a glimpse of their life through creative decorations, including artwork by their kids.


Witness how the family balances education and exploration, with the children spread out in the lounge doing schoolwork, facilitated by online learning and supported by a strong internet connection through Wireless Nation. Peek into their pantry and fridge, marveling at how they manage to store two weeks’ worth of food in a 190L fridge. Learn about their off-grid capabilities, including solar power, water storage, and how their caravan can run on LPG or 240-volt power.