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Boat Hull Cleaning Machine Drive-In Boatwash


Drive-in Boatwash is a hull cleaning machine for leisure boats up to 53 foot. Much like a car wash machine, the Drive-in Boatwash cleans your boat in 15 minutes while the boat remains in the water.

source/image: Drive-in Boatwash

The boat is driven into a U-shaped dock.A six rotating brushes automatically adjust to the hull shape. The brushes move back and forth along the length of the boat, removing fouling and even barnacles.

Pressure is controlled hydraulically; the machine is operated by a hand-held remote. No chemicals are used in the cleaning and the fouling is collected in a large basin under the boat. The entire process takes 15 to 20 minutes.


Cleaning a boat also increases the vessel’s performance, as the film that builds up on a boat’s hull – known as fouling – causes excess drag and friction between the hull and the water, slowing the boat and lowing fuel efficiency.No need to spend time lifting your boat out of the water. Get the hull cleaned and restore the boat’s performance in 15 minutes.