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Boeing Pelican Air Force Extra Large Cargo Airplane Concept


Design work on the Pelican Super Transport plane began at Boeing Phantom Works in 2000.Its 500-foot wingspan would make it the largest military transport in the world, regulating the Antonov 225 to look like a regional jet, but the accountants at Boeing thought why stop there? They came up with grand plans to change commercial and cargo aviation as well.

source/image(PrtSc): Found And Explained

With the ability to transport an Army brigade of 3,000 troops and 7 and a half thousand tons of equipment within ninety-six hours, this colossal aircraft design would have put America’s army right on the world front door.

The Pelican would spend most of its time flying at between 20 feet and 50 feet, or roughly six to 15 metres, above the surface, although it would have the all-important ability to cruise at up to 20,000 feet or 6.100 metres in order to avoid terrain and lower-altitude inclement weather.


The cavernous hull would be able to fit containers two-deep on the main deck, which would also be able to carry outsized vehicles, such as the military’s large battle tanks. An upper deck could be used to store a further single layer of containers. In short, the Pelican was to be a glorified hulk of a cargo plane.//Found And Explained