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Water-Cooled 10cc Whippet Model Engine Set And Run


Taking the Whippet engine designed by Edgar T. Westbury (ETW) in 1963 as a prototype and combining our design concepts, we launched this brand-new flat-head engine (L-head engine). It is the simplest small engine in power engine, which won wide acclaim for its excellent performance.

source/image(PrtSc): JohnnyQ90

Made of aluminum CNC finishing, the integrated crankshaft is hardened, and the surface is electrophoresed paint treatment, which will not fade for a long time and shows the retro industrial green texture of the engine.

The characteristic design of carburetor and exhaust pipe ensures parallel performance to that of OHC/OHV engine.


This is a very pleasant engine with greater potential for upgrading and easier to apply on RC scale model ships. Of course, it is also an ornamental desktop engine, one of the indispensable engine types in model exhibitions./JohnnyQ90

  • Cylinder: Vertical Single Cylinder
  • Stroke: 4 x 19mm
  • Displacement: 10cc
  • Bore: 25mm
  • Practical rpm: 2000-6000
  • Output: 0.5ps
  • Cooling method: water cooling
  • Starting method: pulll start
  • Lubrication: independent lubrication
  • Fuel: gasoline