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Transform A Bicycle Into a Pedal Pontoon Boat


ShuttleBike it’s a dual-float system that attaches right to your existing bicycle so you can use your bike on a lake or a river. To set it up, just unpack it from the bag, connect each float individually to the bike using the included connection adapter, and start pedaling to inflate.

source/image(PrtSc): Shuttle Bike Kit

This kit ultimately turns your bicycle into a water-pedal-bike within 10 minutes.For fun or for practice, SHUTTLE BIKE KIT® does not require special skills : it can be used by everyone, even if you are not a good biker or swimmer. It allows you to experience unique emotions , exploiting the opportunities of a real water transportation respecting the environment.

The uniqueness of the kit is also an opportunity to enhance your business offering recreational services near seas, lakes and rivers. Many resorts and seaside hotels all over the world have already chosen SHUTTLE BIKE KIT.It can hold 120kg of weight for a smooth ride. But it have a capability to hold up to 200kgs.


The propulsion system transfer the pedal power to the propeller using the gear mechanism. The propeller attaches to your front wheel. to attract new customers , offering a trendy product highly appreciated by the public.Gears transfer the circular motion of the rear wheel through a roller placed in its grip.//Shuttle Bike Kit