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Boeing Recoverable Launch Booster Concept


A reusable launch vehicle has parts that can be recovered and reflown, while carrying payloads from the surface to outer space. Rocket stages are the most common launch vehicle parts aimed for reuse.

source.image: Hazegrayart

Smaller parts such as rocket engines and boosters can also be reused, though reusable spacecraft may be launched on top of an expendable launch vehicle.

Reusable launch vehicles do not need to make these parts for each launch, therefore reducing its launch cost significantly. The Boeing doublebody, winged booster, known as Model 832-40, made use of a Dyna-Soar glider as the crew module and escape capsule.


Powered by twin clusters made up of 4 Rocketdyne J-2B rocket engines for vertical boost and 3 hydrogen-fueled, General Electric MF239C Turbofan engines for horizontal flight and landing. Designed for use with a variety of upper stages including this recoverable, delta-winged vehicle.