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Opel 8/16PS Convertible Made In 1910


The Opel 8/16 HP was an upper middle class car that Adam Opel KG only built in 1910 as a successor to the 10/12 HP model .Opel 8/16PS Convertible: video of interior and exterior, technical characteristics, equipment. Possibility of comparison with other models and cars. Convertible, rear wheel drive. Mechanics. Opel 8/16PS 1910 Gasoline engine with 8 horsepower.

source.image: 4You AutoManija

The engine was a four-cylinder block engine with a displacement of 1847 cm³ (bore × stroke = 70 mm × 120 mm), which produced 16 hp (11.8 kW) at 1600 rpm. performed. The side-controlled engine was water-cooled. The engine power was transmitted to the rear axle via a leather cone clutch, a three-speed manual gearbox and a cardan shaft.

The maximum speed of the cars was 55 km/h. The frame consisted of sheet steel U-profiles. The two rigid axles were suspended on semi-elliptical longitudinal leaf springs. The service brake was designed as an inner shoe brake that acted on the transmission output shaft. The handbrake acted on the drums on the rear wheels.


There were three body styles, a four-seat double phaeton , a four-door sedan and a landaulet. The cheapest variant (double phaeton) cost 6500 RM. The 8/16 HP was discontinued the same year it was released. The following year the 8/20 HP replaced it..