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Boeing Sonic Cruiser Commercial Aircraft Concept


This commercial aircraft, is unlike anything you have ever seen. Its made from the same materials as the SR-71, and it goes fast without creating a sonic boom.In the early 2000s, Boeing needed a new ace in the hole to combat the rising influence of their european competitor – an aircraft so futuristic, and outside the box thinking, that they would never be challenged again.

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But getting there would be nearly impossible, limited by both the aviation industry, and the laws of physics…This was to be Boeing secret weapon to destroy the Airbus A380 – but the project was canceled just over a year and a half after its reveal.

To celebrate 300,000 subscribers, Lets re-explore the incredible Boeing Sonic CruiserFlying higher than commercial aircraft at 40,000 feet, this futuristic aircraft was made for a new world of aviation.A visional fantasy of lunch in one country and dinner – facilitated by their new aircraft.


The first biggest advantage of the sonic cruiser, and its namesake, was its speed.It was designed to be a ‘subsonic’ aircraft, flying JUST under the speed of sound, around 10-20% faster than normal jet aircraft. This would be around Mach 0.95-0.98 (which is 650 mph (1,050 km/h) at altitude).via/read more: Found And Explained

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